Non FIA Mechanic Suits

A lot of series don’t require the mechanics suit to be FIA approved and if you are not refuelling it is likely that you will not be required to wear one but will want to wear one to work on the car with.

We have developed a range of non FIA approved suits to cater for these needs. All of the usual customisation options apply so it is now possible to make the mechanics and the driver match, creating the ultimate team image.

Please contact us for multi suit deals

£90.00£270.00 + VAT

Bespoke Design Service

With this offering, each item is specially designed to suit you and your needs, so that you and your sponsors stand out on the track. Use it to give the whole team a distinctive, cohesive appearance that’s unique to you, across your kit, in any colours you wish.

Existing Design & Colours

​Choose from our great range of pre-existing designs for your team’s raceday kit. We also offer a rainbow of colours from which to take your pick, across all our superior-quality products. For many of our clients, this is an excellent, cost-effective option that suits them well.

Other colours available on request

Made to Measure

As well as looking good, racing kit must be comfortable if you are to perform at your best on the track, while the fit has to be spot on. Use our made-to-measure service so you and your team achieve the ultimate in comfort, performance and fit.

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