Torq Racewear- Apparel & Sportswear


Torq T Shirt 01 V2.jpg

It has taken longer to develop than initially planned but we will have a range of apparel and sportswear coming soon.

The products have been in the pipeline for a while now but as with anything, developing a new line doesn't always go perfectly first time. We have made constant tweaks to the products to ensure that we are able to bring a great looking product of great quality to the market.

Torq Apparel Jacket 01.jpg

Over the next months we will be ready to launch apparel which will include torq branded coats, jackets and t-shirts. For our sportswear we will have a range of base layers, sports tops and gym wear.

torq sportswear top.jpg

We are really looking forward to adding the range to our racewear and bringing new products that hopefully our customers will enjoy wearing at the gym while training..... or a the race track.

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