Torq Racewear - New Shoulder Design

In our quest to constantly evolve the brand and move forward we are always looking to see where we can make tweaks in order to improve what we do. In 2018 with the Torq 1 Superlight we took a big step forward with the spec of our top of the range suit, rivalling the top suits available on the market. Soon after we introduced the professional fit. This was a difficult task because we wanted to create a fit that looked the part as well as being comfortable and practical.


Our latest step comes as a design update. We have recently developed a new shoulder and collar design that we believe is a move forward in terms of the overall image of our suits when it comes to appearance and design. The first suits to feature this new design were Adam Morgans BTCC suit and the British GT suits of JRM and Race Performance. 


Moving into the latter part of the year we plan to launch our new FIA glove design which will ensure we have a constant evolution of our product range.