Torq Karting - A Cut Above The Rest

With the growing numbers of brands within the kartwear market, we thought we would go into a bit more detail about our range and what sets us apart from the rest.


We have two kart suits available to offer a solution to most customer types and budgets.


Torq 1 Elite

Our premium kart suit; the torq 1 Elite is hand made along side our FIA race suits in Turin, Italy. The Elite is the market leader in terms of safety due to its strong outer layer of codura fabric, giving it fantastic abrasion properties. Safety is a priority when it comes to kartwear, and we're proud to make the safest on the market.

Pricing wise the torq 1 Elite fits into the same pricing structure of our race suits. Each suit is priced individually depending on the amount of embroidery. To give you a guideline we have put an example on our kart suit page. Here is the link: Custom Kartwear


Torq 2 Club

Our torq 2 Club kart suit is designed for its own place in the market. This is the only suit that we manufacture outside our normal facility in Italy. The aim of this suit is to offer an option at a competitive price. The suit is ideal for customers that may outgrow suits and need new ones more frequently.

The suit is fixed in price at £380 (plus vat). As with our Kart suits the the torq 2 Club is still CIK FIA approved and comes lined with either towel or mesh lining (you decide).