Torq Karting - Kart Suit Safety

Torq Karting - Kart Suit Safety

It is easy to forget that a suits intended purpose is safety rather than looks. At torq, as much as anyone, we are believers of looking the part but underneath this there is a deep understanding of the suits primary function, safety.


With so many brands of custom kart suit on the market it is sometimes difficult to really know what the differences are and why there are some cheaper brands and some more expensive brands. At torq we have tried to cover both options with the Club and Elite suits that we have available. However, if budget isn't so much of an issue we always recommend that you purchase the best suit in terms of protection and abrasion resistance, this being our Elite suit.

It is a true market leader in terms of its abrasion properties and if you had the unfortunate circumstances that lead to skidding down the track with the suit being the only thing separating the driver from the tarmac, the Elite is suit to be wearing. One driver who had the unpleasant experience of this happening was kart and car racing superstar, Danny Formal.


Wearing his torq 1 Elite he came away unscathed from skidding down the track on his back. It is important to remember a suits primary function and why we always encourage people to buy the best product for protection within any given budget range. Make sure you know what your are getting for you're money! Please get in touch with us if you would like more information.