We have now launched as a manufacturer!

We have now launched as a manufacturer of kart and race wear. It's the start of an exciting chapter for us and quicker than we imagined as we are still a young company.  All of the range is fully approved by the FIA with an emphasis on image as well as product quality.

We understand the importance of looking the part in motorsport especially when trying to impress current or potential sponsors. We have our new templates on display on our custom racewear and kartwear page which demonstrates the image we want to portray. Of course we still offer fully customised suits to meet your exact requirements. 

One of the features that we are proud of, although only a small feature is the fact that you can customise the colours of our logo. Meaning that the suits logo can now match your colour scheme and fit in nicely with the design of your own suit.

We have much more news to follow.....including information regarding distribution of our racewear throughout the uk!