We have not compromised when making the FIA Mechanics suit.

It is important to offer something durable and breathable for the high intensity that mechanics have to deal with during a race meeting. The 2 layer suit means that ultimate cooling is offered. Flexibility and practicality comes in the form of a stretch panel on the back, half floating sleeves as well as chest pocket on the chest and a pen pocket on the leg.

The suit base colour must be white, black, royal blue or red.

All of the usual customisation options apply to the FIA Mechanics suit that apply to our racesuits. We also offer a range of non FIA approved mechanics suits that can either be fireproof or non fireproof. Also available as standard or custom.
non FIA, non fireproof Standard £90
non FIA, non fireproof custom £230
non FIA, fireproof Standard £142
non FIA, fireproof custom £270

Please ask us or one of our distributors about bulk order prices.


For enquiries please contact torq directly or use the distributor page to find a supplier.